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Introduction on K-REACH Pre-registration

The amended K-REACH (Act on the Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances) has come into force since 1st January 2019. K-REACH pre-registration starts from 1st Jan 2019 and ends on 30th June 2019. Pre-registration is required for the >=1t/y existing chemical substances manufactured in or imported to Korea. Once enterprises miss the pre-registration window, enterprises do not have any opportunity to enjoy the grace period and need to take full registration with required data information prior to manufacturing or importing activities. Please be kindly noted that some >=1t/y existing substances qualify pre-registration exemptions. CIRS is to present this webinar to share the valuable information on how to comply with K-REACH pre-registration: scope, exemptions, roles and obligations, information requirements, working procedure and post obligations.

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