CIRS Introduction

CIRS Group is a leading product safety and regulatory consulting firm providing expert regulatory information, tailored scientific research solutions, valued product regulatory compliance service as well as product testing to help our clients gain a competitive advantage by reducing business risks associated with regulatory affairs.

With its headquarters based in China and subsidiaries located in the Republic of Ireland, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, CIRS utilizes its technical expertise, various resources and global network to provide comprehensive compliance services such as:

  •   Chemical notification,
  •   Global GHS compliance,
  •   Pesticide and biocide registration,
  •   Cosmetic product and new cosmetic ingredient registration,
  •   Medical device registration,
  •   Food and food-related products compliance services,
  •   Product testing,
  •   Regulatory update monitoring and training services


CIRS China

CIRS China is located in Hangzhou. Its main services cover regulatory compliance consulting and management, including worldwide chemical regulatory compliance services, global GHS, cosmetic products and their raw materials regulatory compliance, China food and food related regulatory compliance, and pesticides and biocides regulatory compliance services.

CIRS Ireland

CIRS Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary which was established in Ireland in 2008. CIRS Ireland was approved as an IDA member and obtained great supports from IDA Ireland. CIRS Ireland is acting as the Only Representative (OR) under EU REACH as well as the regulatory consulting service provider in the European Marketplace.

Notable Achievements:

  •   Pre-registered over 10,000 substances;
  •   Registered over 1,000 substances;
  •   Served as Lead Registrant for over 100 substances;
  •   Prepared over 5,000 REACH SDS and CLP labels to date;
  •   Acted as Only Representative for over 3,000 non-EU companies;
  •   Provided services for clients in more than 25 countries;


CIRS USA, located in Arlington, VA was established in April 2018, and acts as the primary agent delivering services to clients within the USA. It provide a suite of services, including global chemical regulatory compliance services, especially EU REACH and Chinese regulations (chemicals, cosmetics, food, agrichemical and medical devices) to American enterprises.

CIRS Korea

CIRS Korea was established in Seoul, Republic of Korea in November 2018. CIRS Korea devotes itself to providing global chemical regulation consultancy services, especially K-REACH compliance and products safety regulation consultancy services in Republic of Korea.

C&K Testing

C&K Testing is an independent third-party testing laboratory specializing in product testing and certification with great professionalism, comprehensiveness and world reputation. Its services cover industries such as environmental, consumer products, industrial goods and chemicals, which can fulfill all regulatory requirements of regions and markets around the world.

CIRS Beijing

CIRS Beijing has a long-term commitment to researching product technology, laws, regulations and industry policies of domestic and overseas medical devices. With its professional and technical experience, multiple resources and global network, CIRS Beijing assists domestic and overseas medical device enterprises with a comprehensive service chain and one-stop solutions in medical devices regulations and technical consulting services. These services include:

  •   Medical devices registration and approval,
  •   Clinical trial management,
  •   Quality management systems,
  •   Manufacturing and distribution licenses,
  •   Technology consultancy,
  •   Laws and regulations training.

CIRS Nanjing

CIRS Nanjing, is a joint venture between CIRS and Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. CIRS Nanjing devotes itself to hazardous substances control in articles, provides global chemical regulation consultancy services and articles compliance solutions for industries likes electronic appliance, textile, automobile, food contact material, toy, etc.