Only Representative

S-Korea manufacturers and S-Korea importers have the obligations to fulfill K-REACH; and other countries/regions’ manufacturers could appoint an OR to apply of the pre-registration/registration under K-REACH.

Only Representative (OR) under K-REACH means a legal entity based in S-Korea with sufficient knowledge in the practical handling of the substances and information relating to them. The Only Representative is responsible for:

  • Registration documents
  • Tonnage tracking
  • Legal obligations relating to substance/registration
  • Dossier updates
  • Information delivery in the supply chain (SDS/Reg No.)
  • Penalties

The Only Representative under K-REACH is very similar with that definition under EU-REACH. But Registrations can not be transferred to other OR/Entity. Therefore, when you choosing an OR it is important to do the research to know if the OR is

  • Experienced,
  • Knowledgeable,
  • Reliable,
  • Professional,
  • Informative,
  • Contactable.

 More suggestions

OR Transfer Availability - K-REACH has no OR transfer function. The only available method of such, is to cancel registration (terminate current OR) and appoint new OR to take out registration again (incl. Fees etc.)

Pre-Registration and OR - Pre-registration began in January 2019. To change your pre-registration OR, it must be done before June 2019.

Only Representatives and Substances - If you have multiple substances you may appoint different OR for different substances.

Current Transfer Situation -  OR transfer is not available currently as to simplify the system. It could become available in the future.